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An anniversary, a special birthday, a college graduation, a retirement or any other momentous milestone deserves a unique celebration.  That’s why at Pique we love to recommend interesting getaway destinations for just such occasions.

Your milestone might beg for seven days of nothing but lying on the beach with occasional dips in the Caribbean.  It might warrant renting a villa in the middle of Tuscany and doing nothing but sipping fine wine and delighting yourself in Italian cuisine.  Or, if you’re an adventurer an excursion out to the Galapagos Islands to see some of the most rare animal species might be hoping you’ll join them.

No matter what the milestone and no matter what your “speed” of recognizing it will be, the world is literally waiting to help you celebrate.  Here are a few ideas on how other clients have celebrated their milestones:

Belize – A perfect combination of education, excursions and beach time. We often talk of Belize as the best of Rainforest & Reef.  Most travelers split their time between the jungle boutique of Ka’ana Resort & Spa and Victoria House on the island of Ambergris Caye.  For those visitors looking for something really unique, we can even reserve a private Maya temple for your own happy hour or overnight stay.

Hawaii – Hawaii is a destination that many visit, but few really see.  The rich culture, unique blend of ethnicity, hidden destinations within the islands and warm spirit of Aloha are something all travelers should experience.  And once you do, you’ll yearn for it time and again.  One of our favorite ways to experience all of that and more is to charter a ship on Uncruise.  You’ll have the chance to enjoy several of the islands and see what makes each of them unique in history, landscape, local culture and lifestyle.

Italy – For some, visiting several sites and cities on vacation is an ideal way to take in as much as possible.  But for others, escaping to a “home base” location and doing little excursions from there is the relaxing balance they long for.  One of our favorite ways to help travelers accomplish that balance is by renting a villa.  If time is a luxury you have, a monthly rental allows you to enjoy your space, but gives you the freedom to invite friends or family to visit for a week or so to maximize the rental.  Luxury villas in Tuscany are a perfect example.  They range from beautifully restored farmhouses in Chianti situated among olive groves and vineyards to classical grand Tuscan villas superb for celebrating special family occasions.

Silversea Cruise to the Galapagos – A cruise to an exotic location is a perfect way to celebrate a family milestone.  You’re all together (yet have some space), food and dining is taken care of for you and the range of activities available is sure to please everyone in the group.  The Galapagos on Silversea is one of our favorite, memorable ways to celebrate.  You’ll experience wildlife and landscapes that aren’t found anywhere else in the world.  And while there are only 100 passengers allowed on the ship, there are 70 crew members.  That’s a staff to guest ratio we love to see!

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