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Sometimes just the simple idea of knowing when and where your next getaway is going to be can help you get through nearly any day. Truly the anticipation is a big part of any trip…as long as that part of the process isn’t stressful.  That’s why couples turn to us for recommendations and planning – to help keep the joy and excitement alive before and after their travels.

To some couples, traveling with friends and family is how they enjoy their time away (see our Cruises, Family Travel and International Travel sections for ideas).  However, to others, traveling alone is their reprieve. Regardless, the intention is the same…to escape to another place and explore all this world has to offer.

The choices are limitless, which is why we take great measures to find out more about your preferences for traveling.  Are you a hiker, a biker, a beachcomber or an explorer?  Maybe fine wine and unique culinary experiences are what you’re seeking. Regardless, we can help tailor the destination, excursions and accommodations to match your taste perfectly.

Here are a few of our favorite trips for couples that might give you just the anticipation you need to look forward to:

Belize – We often hear people say they’ve been to Belize, it’s often through a stop on a cruise ship. While we love cruises as much as the next person, Belize has so much more to offer than that limited experience of a one-time shore excursion.  We lovingly refer to Belize as the land of the Rainforest and the Reef. This beautiful Central American country located south of Mexico on the Caribbean, offers a blend of experiences that is hard to replicate (jungle hiking, Maya ruins, snorkeling the second largest barrier reef in the world and much more). We often pair two of our favorite properties on this getaway – Ka’ana Boutique Resort, located in the rainforest and Victoria House, on the island of Ambergris Caye.  If someone tells you that you can’t have it all, don’t believe them!

Paris – If a romantic, yet cultural, getaway is your objective, few cities in the world beat Paris.  Museums, galleries, theaters, shopping and just people watching are often at the top of the activity list our clients enjoy when walking this amazing destination.  We love the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris, which is just steps away from the Champs-Elysees. Its spa, fitness center, sauna, swimming pool and beautiful gardens are waiting for you on those days where being low-key is the only thing on the agenda.

Mediterranean Cruise – For cruisers who love to explore legendary ports, browse the world’s best museums, savor amazing wines and exquisite dishes all from aboard the intimacy of luxury cruise ship, the Mediterranean has it all.  Among others, we often partner with Silversea for some of the best Mediterranean cruises available. Their renowned chefs, insider knowledge of local ports and destinations and first class service makes cruising Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the Greek Isles and other locations an experience you won’t soon forget.

New Zealand – Comprised of two relatively small islands (the North Island and the South Island), New Zealand is home to more landscape and wildlife diversity than many countries ten times their size. From the bustling seaside city of Auckland and the architecturally driven city of Christchurch to the seaside cliffs of Milford Sound and the hills and volcanoes of the interior, New Zealand is a country for exploring.  For those who enjoy wildlife (but with a luxurious flair), we recommend the Treetops Lodge & Estate outside of Rotorua. The property is nestled in 2,500 breathtaking acres of 800-year-old native forest and is truly a wildlife sanctuary (centered around seven streams, four lakes and 43 miles of adventure trails). From Treetops you can enjoy photography safaris, helicopter tours, Maori flax weaving, hiking to waterfalls and so much more.

Maldives – This island nation located in the Indian Ocean off the southwestern tip of India, is a true paradise with deep blue seas, turquoise reefs, white sandy beaches and palm trees at every turn. With nearly 1,200 total islands in the area, it’s no wonder exploring by water (above and below it) is one of this destination’s most popular activities. The Taj Exotica Resort & Spa is one of our favorites in Maldives.  Its location alone is a wonder – set in one of the largest lagoons on an exclusive island. The property features an amazing spa known for its authentic Indian wellness experience with yoga and meditation, eclectic gourmet dining options, catamaran sailing, sea kayaking, snorkeling and diving excursions and much more.


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