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As the greatest tribal land left on Earth, Ethiopia is sure to touch travelers from deep within.

Ethiopia is truly the crossroads of Africa and is a kaleidoscope of vanishing cultures. It’s home to villages where people and lifestyles are totally unaffected by the western world.

The Omo River of southwestern Ethiopia is the last great tribal land left in the world today. With increasing contact with outside organizations and culture, the time for such a pure cultural experience may be running out.


Some experiential highlights of Ethiopia and “must sees” include:

  • Visit as many local villages as time will allow – Kara, Nyangatom, Dassenech are just to name a few.
  • Experience the care and pride in which the Karo people decorate their semi naked bodies with white and yellow clay in preparation for dance filled ceremonies.
  • Search for the “Bull Jumping Ceremonies” in the Hamar Mountains—rites of passage when young men pass into adulthood.
  • Learn about Dassenech agriculturalists and the meaning of special hair styles depicting their wartime rite of passage.
  • Explore the Omo Delta on speedboat.
  • Bird watch as much as possible (the northern tip of Lake Turkana is spectacular).
  • Enjoy Simien Mountain and its surrounding park.
  • Visit the holy city of Lalibela – home to some of the most amazing monolithic rock-cut churches.


  • Ethiopia is a large, landlocked country (twice the size of France).
  • There are more than 76 million people throughout the country.
  • The time zone in Ethiopia is three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (+3 GMT). Daylight Saving Time is not observed.
  • The Great Rift Valley, which splits Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa diagonally from northeast to southwest, is dotted with placid lakes and important paleontological sites.
  • Ethiopia’s first democratic elections were held in 2005.
  • The Amharic alphabet is unique to the language and contains approximately 260 characters, each of which denotes one syllable.
  • Residents of Kefa (also known as Kaffa) claim the province gave its name to coffee.

Let’s Build A Trip!

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