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Stately homes, magnificent castles, luxury resorts and 5 star hotels in England are fit for a queen (or us regular travelers seeking an amazing European getaway, honeymoon or family vacation!).

When in England, you can’t seem to escape the richness of crumbling castles, magnificent gardens, thatch-roofed cottages, cozy pubs and beautiful churches. And although it’s a relatively small country, its cultural depth is larger than most 10 times its size.

From Shakespeare and royalty to Stonehenge and centuries of history, England is simply a wonderful place to visit time after time. And, needless to say, London is a destination in itself.

Whether you visit for a honeymoon, family vacation or European getaway, the 5 star hotels and luxury resorts in England will make you feel like you belong there permanently.


A European honeymoon wouldn’t be the same without a visit to England, or at least a stop in London. The country’s romance, charm and beauty are hard to match. And, the pampering of the 5 star hotels and luxury resorts in England will make you question your return home.


Sightseeing in England – The sites and sights literally never end when you’re traveling through England. From Buckingham Palace and St. Paul’s Cathedral to Windsor Castle, the Westminster Abbey and Winston Churchill’s birthplace at Blenheim Palace, there is much to see and do throughout the country. Be reach to soak up rich history, amazing architecture and absolutely ‘lovely’ culture.

Nature in England – To some travelers, England’s diverse nature and wildlife is surprising. With hundreds of species of birds, widespread nature reserves and stunning landscapes, nature lovers are sure to be pleased. Perhaps some of the more beautiful explorations throughout the country are those that take in the various gardens. Some favorites include Highgrove (home to HRH Prince Charles), which has some of the more innovative gardens, Sissinghurst Castle’s gardens, which represent more of the Arts and Crafts style and Beinheim Palace, with its 2,100 acres of amazing landscape grounds.

River Cruising in England – The River Thames runs across much of the southern country and is known for its path through the heart of London. Cruises such as those through Buckinghamshire and Berkshire are a great way to observe many historic sites (including Hampton Court, a palace of Henry VIII, and Windsor Castle which still being used by the royal family).

Shopping in England – Many visitors might consider shopping in England as one of the country’s main sightseeing activities. From the bright lights of Oxford Street to the medieval rows of Chester, the country has a multitude of shopping choices. If you desire designer labels, check out London’s Wesbourne Grove or Harvey Nichols in Leeds. If vintage and unique one-off finds are more your style, head to Portobello Market or Manchester Fashion Market.

Dining in England – The culinary world in England has exploded in recent years (many high-profile chefs are now as popular as some rock stars). With such a diverse population, England has excellent restaurants serving a wide range of cuisine – Indian and Chinese restaurants are plentiful, but you’ll also find Italian, Middle Eastern, Thai, Spanish and others. Of course, you must try some of the local favorites including, shepherd’s pie (filled with lamb and covered with mashed potatoes), Cornish pasties (filled with beef, potato and onion) and bangers and mash (sausages and mashed potatoes).


Population of England – 50 million

Languages in England – English

Predominant Religions in England – Christian (Anglican, Roman Catholic), Muslim and many other primary religions are represented

Time Zone in England – Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Daylight Saving Time is observed from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October. In England, daylight saving time is also referred to as British Summer Time.

Voltage Requirements in England – 240 volts

Currency in England – Pound sterling

Weather in England – The country has a very temperate climate, and gets plenty of rainfall all year round. While temperatures vary throughout the different seasons, temperatures rarely fall below 23°F or rise above 86°F. July tends to be the sunniest month.

England Geography – England is one of four countries that make up the United Kingdom (UK) – England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. England is generally lower and flatter than the rest of the UK. The country is naturally split between two main geographic areas – the lowlands areas of the south, east and Midlands, and the more rugged and upland areas of the north and west. England also includes a number of offshore islands and nearly 2,000 miles of coastline.

Personal Safety in England – The country is a relatively safe destination. Pickpocketing and purse snatching can be a problem in larger cities, especially around popular tourist sights and on crowded public transportation. If you’re renting a car, be sure to always lock the doors and keep belongings locked in the trunk. It’s advised to withdraw cash from ATMs during daylight hours or from inside a bank to avoid issue.


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  • England is 74 times smaller than the United States, 59 times smaller than Australia and three times smaller than Japan.
  • English people consume more tea per capita than anyone else in the world.
  • The custom of afternoon tea was devised in 1840 by Anna Russell, Duchess of Bedford, who felt the need for an extra meal between lunch and dinner.
  • Oxford University once had rules that specifically forbade students from bringing bows and arrows to class.
  • British police do not carry guns except in emergencies.
  • The world’s oldest public zoo opened in London in 1828.
  • Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest royal residence in the world still in use. It was originally constructed in 1070 and rebuilt in stone in 1170.
  • The first fish and chips restaurant was opened in 1860 by a Jewish immigrant, Joseph Malin.
  • Among the three ghosts said to haunt Athelhampton House, one of them is an ape.
  • One of England’s quaintest traditional events is the cheese rolling competition in Brockworth, Gloucestershire. Every year in May people chase Double Gloucester cheese down the steep Cooper’s Hill. It’s said to have originated with fertility rites in Roman times. Several other cheese rolling events happen throughout the country.
  • The county of Kent is home to England’s oldest church (St. Martin’s in Canterbury), oldest school (The King’s School, established in 600 also in Canterbury) and oldest brewery (Sheperd’s Neame Brewery in Faversham founded in 1698).

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