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This massive continent covers nearly 9% of the Earth’s total surface. Which only means there are hundreds of places in Asia waiting for you to visit.

Few places in the world are as rich in history, culture and religious significance as Asia. From the Great Wall of China and the temples of Thailand, to the hillsides of Vietnam, Asia is full of diversity and beauty.

Sure to be an eye-opening experience for almost any visitor, traveling Asia can be an educational, relaxing, cultural and thrilling experience. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out how many weeks you can spend exploring this fascinating part of the world.

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Travel to Cambodia


Travel to Cambodia    A collection of 5 Star Hotels and Luxury Resorts in Cambodia are perfect for a Southeast Asia getaway. Cambodia is a country surrounded by its history...

Travel to China


Travel to China    Beautiful 5 star hotels and luxury resorts in China provide modern-day amenities in a land of rich history and culture. Modern China is a blend of...

Travel to Laos


Travel to Laos   In many aspects, Laos is a still undiscovered gem. It’s quite possibly a snapshot of what Southeast Asia was 50 years ago.  The country is full...

Travel to Myanmar


Travel to Myanmar  More and more people are staring to discover the unique and fascinating destination of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Located in Southeast Asia on the Bay of...

Travel to Thailand


Travel to Thailand    An eclectic mix 5 star hotels and luxury resorts in Thailand help make soak up all there is to offer in this beautiful country. Often called...

Travel to Vietnam


Travel to Vietnam   The 5 Star Hotels and Luxury Resorts in Vietnam create a comforting and relaxing extension to your  getaway in Southeast Asia  Vietnam is sure to surprise...

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