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PIQUE breaks cruises into three main categories: luxury, river, and expedition. Please visit each category’s page for more information.

Luxury Cruises

If you’re a seasoned cruiser, you know the options to see the world by water are endless. Whether it’s a Mediterranean cruise through the Greek Isles, a month-long tour from Beijing to Sydney or a relaxing Caribbean getaway through some of the earth’s most pristine waters, luxury cruises offer diversity that many travel experiences find hard to rival. If, on the other hand, you’re looking to cruise for the first time, you’re in for a pleasant surprise!

Luxury cruises provide a unique way to experience several destinations within one trip, all while having a ‘home base’ of beautiful accommodations, on board activities, fine dining options, daily entertainment choices and service that has you feeling like you’re at a 5 star hotel.

If you’re dreaming of where your next private getaway may take you, consider a luxury cruise through PIQUE Travel Design.

River Cruises

In recent years, more and more travelers are discovering the beauty, culture, relaxation and comfort that are part of luxury river cruises. It’s an experiential way to see multiple destinations within one itinerary – all from the unique vantage point of the water.

PIQUE Travel Design has been sending clients on luxury cruises through aboard some of the best ships in the world. We’re proud to recommend smaller, more intimate ships where accommodations are 5 star, amenities are differentiating and the service is impeccable.

River cruises through Europe, China, Southeast Asia, Russia and parts of Africa are some of the most amazing travel experiences you may ever have. View Budapest at night from the Danube. Visit quaint fishing villages along the Mekong. Cruise the Nile to Luxor to see some of most mysterious temples of all time. Where will the rivers take you?

Expedition Cruises

Maybe you’re an experienced luxury cruise traveler, or you’ve just always dreamed of exploring the world by ship. Regardless, expedition cruises are worth a gander. These unique opportunities marry the best of comfort, service amenities on board and a custom-designed expedition ship, with destinations that have often been explored by few.

What sets these expedition cruises apart from many is their ability to guide passengers deep into the heart of their destinations. The intimate, small-ship designs and the opportunity to explore on smaller Zodiacs and kayaks give vacationers the chance to truly create their own adventure where others may not go.

Whether it’s remote islands in Indonesia, the Inside Passage of Alaska, the hidden coves and beaches of the Hawaiian Islands or a journey down to the ice formations of Antarctica, these adventure cruises are sure to promise, well, an adventure.

PIQUE Travel Design is a travel agency based in Minneapolis, Minnesota serving clients across the globe.