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Cape Winelands

The Southern region of Africa continues to gain attention from travelers all over the world. So, what makes up this area of a hugely diverse continent?   For many, Southern Africa is often confused with South Africa (which is single country in this region).  Southern Africa encompasses a complimentary mix of countries that are easy to reach within one trip.  These places include South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.  Each of these countries offer unique experiences to match a variety of interests.  Here are some of our favorites:


Unique Lodging

Chalkley Tree House
The Chalkley tree house is a secure and lavish platform under the African stars, with comforts that a guest can experience at a five star safari lodge.


Victoria Falls Island Lodge
Surrounded by the flowing waters of the mighty Zambezi and accessible by boat only Victoria Falls Island Lodge is situated just upstream from the iconic Victoria Falls.   The honeyed timber structures and raised walkways offer an exclusive enclave on Kandahar Island.

Island Lodge


Photographic Safari
The thought of photographing elephants at a watering hole, a pride of lions napping under an acacia tree or a herd of hundreds of zebras or wildebeest feeding on the plains is to many a scene out of a National Geographic documentary. But it’s an experience that is very real when you travel to this part of the world.  We dial up your pictures a notch by having one of Africa’s top photographers join you on an excursion.

Trekking Safari
Seeing wildlife by safari vehicles is an amazing experience.  However, if you want to get closer to nature and enjoy a more rigorous pace, trekking safaris at Marataba Trails might be for you.  Your expert guides will lead you on hikes to see giraffe, antelope, elephants and other wildlife of the African bush.  It’s also a great way to take in more of the flora and fauna of the surrounding areas. After a full day of activity, you return to your luxury lodging to recall the splendors of the day.


Private Art Collection

Fine art is the soul of Ellerman House, and the collection that lines the walls is what sets this property apart from other boutique hotels in South Africa. The works span over two centuries, and guests can take a private tour through the Ellerman House art collection.  We can also arrange for an insider’s tour of Cape Town’s top art galleries. You will gain behind-the-scenes access and knowledge of some of the city’s most important art and art galleries.  Each tour can be tailor-made based on your interest in art, design and antiques.


Food & Wine

Cape Winelands
The Cape Winelands are a region in the south of South Africa. The winelands boasts some of the most majestic scenery in South Africa. It is situated to the north-east of Cape Town and offers a beautiful landscape of wine hills and mountains.

Test Kitchen
This tasting-menu restaurant that catapulted chef Luke Dale-Roberts to fame when it opened in 2010 is still one of Cape Town’s best. Expect unexpected dishes like roast duck with kumquat, foie gras and barbecue meringue.  It was rated one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2016.


Adventure Junkies

Great White Shark Safari
If you’ve ever dreamed of getting up close and personal with a Great White Shark, there is no better place than South Africa.  These apex predators migrate to feed on the large seal colonies just off the coast.  You can watch from the boat, or for the brave at heart, you can jump into a shark cage to be eye-to-eye with these magnificent creatures.

Great white Shark

Mana Canoe Trails
If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, then why not try Mana Canoe Trails. Somewhat different from a normal safari, your days are spent on the Zambezi river as you paddle from fly-camp to fly-camp taking in the wonderful scenery and wildlife that the river sustains. You are likely to see a plethora of elephant, hippos and crocodiles and with plains game grazing on the river banks.

Mana Canoe Trails

History & Culture

Robben Island
If you’re a student of history, Nelson Mandela, apartheid or many of the other rich lessons this region offers us, consider a ferry trip out to Robben Island. The area is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where visitors can learn about the island graveyard, the disused lime quarry, Robert Sobukwe’s house, the Bluestone quarry, the army and navy bunkers and the maximum security prison, including Nelson Mandela’s cell.

Opportunity International
Many travelers enjoy learning more about how they can impact the communities and people they visit. In Southern Africa (and throughout other parts of the world), Pique Travel can create half-day or full-day excursions to hear more about the efforts of Opportunity International and their work in the impoverished areas of this region.

Cape Town Cape Grace Hotel

Southern Africa is an immense region that offers an impressive range of experiences, sceneries, cultures and wildlife. From the penguins and winelands of Cape Town to the heights of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, travelers who visit here will come home wondering when they’ll return!






  1. Gini MacDonald

    December 21, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    We went to Cuba 3 or 4 years ago. Fascinating country with warm, friendly people and a lot of history. Recommend reading The cuban Diaries (I think) for history and understanding of the Revolution, Mob involvement and Bay of Pigs fiasco. Much decayed after Russia pulled out support in early 90s, and rebuilding efforts and attempts at privatization in some areas are fascinating. As you said, interesting history, people, culture. Highly recommend.

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