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Sep 18th


By Jim Bendt

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It’s been a dream of mine to take my son on a “boys only” fishing and outdoor adventure to Alaska. In July, that dream became a reality and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. 

We started our journey with a direct flight on Delta Airlines from Minneapolis into Anchorage. We only spent one night in the Anchorage because our goal was to get out into the wilderness! 

Ironically, we had a little snafu with our original fly fishing trip. After taking off in our float plane, the pilot told us we had to turn back due to some potentially bad weather. After waiting back on the ground to see if things would clear, the guide cancelled the excursion. We were so disappointed (getting out fly fishing was a major motivator for this trip).


Now with an unexpected free day, we decided to find a local golf course. Set in the mountains, we spent the afternoon on the links enjoying the beautiful scenery and were surprised by a big black and three cubs on the 18th green. Our first black bear sighting! We are glad we kept a positive and flexible attitude, because our not-so- great day turned out quite great!


In the meantime, we called Kris at Pique and told him about our misadventure with the fly fishing cancellation. He worked over the weekend to find an alternative plan and hooked us up with an outfitter called Denali Fly Fishing Guides. Amazing!

Rick is the owner and Justin and Eric were our guides. They were phenomenal. We spent two days fly fishing in the back country without seeing another person. It was serene and peaceful. We caught tons of Rainbow Trout and the Arctic Graylin weren’t bad either.

After our slaying the fish, we headed out to Brooks Falls to see some other creatures enjoy fishing. This iconic site was exactly as we had seen in National Geographic and other travel magazines. Grizzly bears standing on the falls catching salmon as they tried to jump up and head to safer egg-laying waters. There were so many bears and what had to be millions of salmon. We could have stood there all day to watch the spectacle.


If Alaska has been on your bucket list, you’ve probably heard of Seward, which was our next stop. We road tripped out to the coast (a beautiful drive in and of itself!) where we could enjoy the water, glaciers, fjords, wildlife and so much more.

One day we took a small-passenger cruise to the Northwestern Fjord and Glacier. We loved getting out on the water and seeing the coastline from a different vantage point. It was beautiful. We also encountered Orca whales, seals, otters, eagles, Puffins and several other kinds of birds and such beautiful scenery.


Our last day we took a 2-hour excursion to Exit Glacier. The short hike was an eye-opening experience on the impact glaciers have had on our terrain and the alarming rate at which they’re disappearing. Sobering, but beautiful!


We seriously hated to leave Alaska. Kris at Pique Travel did such a great job of listening to what we wanted to get out of our time there and then building an action-packed itinerary around it. A truly memorable trip for us as father and son. We’ll never forget the time we shared and the experiences we had together! 

Thank you Kris & Pique Travel!


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